During the season 1.3. – 30.9.

Bicycle purchased with us

30 €

20 €

Out of season 1.10. – 28.2.

Bicycle purchased with us

20 €

15 €

A full bicycle tour includes:

  • control of struts, centering, wheel pressure control and inflation

  • tightening screw connections, keys, pedals, pins, cassettes, brake discs

  • check the functionality of the derailleur, skid and adjust them

  • check brake discs, rubber bands and replace if necessary

  • chain measurement, flushing and possible replacement

The price quoted refers to work and not to components.



Brake pads, rubber bands - set / replace2 - 4 €/ks
Brake fluid, mineral oil in hydraulic brakes - replacement / venting9 - 15 €/ks
Tube, tyre – change (we do not puncture)
1,5 €/ks
Headsets– cleaning / lubrication / replacement
3 - 12 €
Cranks – assembly / disassembly / replacement
3 - 6 €
Wheels - centering / spike, nipple / tightening strings4 - 8 €/ks
Wheels - Turning a new wheel16 €/ks
Front / Rear Hub - Cleaning / Erasing / Setting / Changing Cones and Balls4 - 8 €/ks
Derailleur, skid, V-brakes - set. with a cable / bowden exchange5 €/ks
Derailleur, skid, V-brakes - set. without cable / bowden exchange3 €/ks
Frame - transposition of components - only by agreement30 - 50 €
Cassette, chain, nut - exchange, setting5 - 10 €
Cranks/bottom - repair / replacement / new assembly5 - 9 €
Fork, shock absorber, wheels - pressure adjustment / inflation1 €/ks
Washing bicycle STANDARD6 €/ks
Hand washing bicycle DELUXE12 €/ks
All other things we do not have in the pricelist are subject to an hourly rate:15 €/hod
Express service charge for the next day - only by arrangement+50%
Express service charge on the same day - only by agreement+100%
The price quoted refers to work and not to components.
Note: Bikes of inferior quality bought mainly in hypermarkets and supermarkets are only repaired after agreement
Bicycle Storage Fee: The price begins to count from the beginning of the sixth day after the date of the takeover was agreed with the customer. 1 / day

For example, with a mechanic, you will agree to take over the ready service on Monday, if you do not get it on Saturday at the latest, you will be charged € 1 / day on the next Monday. Besides Sunday.

Thank you for giving us a clean bicycle for the service (in the case of a heavily polluted bicycle it is necessary to wash it for which we charge a fee of 6 € or more). We ask you to dismantle your bicycle: bags, cyclocomputer, lights and other accessories that could be lost or damaged.



15 minutes
5,00 €
30 minutes10,00 €
45 minutes15,00 €
60 minutes20,00 €
Guarantee tour when buying a new bicycle:

     It is best done 1 month or 100 km from a bicycle
     On bicycles purchased in the Czech Republic, there is a pre-sales service, crossing of wires, tightening of all connections
     In our purchased bicycles we do it free of charge
     Upon agreement, it can also be done while waiting

This is a complete check on the bike because after the initial mileage the components can "sit", it is the tightening of the sprockets, pedals, allen connections, tuning of the derailleurs and brakes. If you decide to take advantage of the guaranty tour, you need to bring a bicycle warranty.

Looking forward to your visit.

Team Sadesport